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The Center for Diversity Innovation

Championing diversity at UB isn't new, but the College now leads a university-wide initiative to place special emphasis on supporting current research and activities focused on understanding, creating and celebrating diversity. 

Linnea Caremean, a junior, participates in the UB Unity Project organized by the UB Intercultural & Diversity Center within Campus Life on the Student Union field on North Campus.

UB Unity Project

The mission of UB's Center for Diversity Innovation is to initiate strategic transformation of local and regional communities; train the next generation of diversity leaders; build greater capacity for social inclusion; and close opportunity gaps in education and employment. Through the development of new degree and certificate programs, research-based models, practical tools, community collaborations, enhanced spaces, and experiential learning opportunities, the Center will help transform students into courageous global citizens equipped with empathy, resilience and an inclusive mindset.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Diversity

In the context of the Center, diversity refers to the range of human differences, including: race, ethnicity, sex, nationality, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, religion, socio-economic status and veteran status.

"We know that organizations across sectors and industries are actively trying to create communities of diversity and inclusion, but many of these organizations struggle to determine which policies, tools and practices will actually yield results in their workplaces and beyond. The Center will position UB at the very forefront of this field, and it is really exciting to see the College of Arts and Sciences assume the leadership role in this effort."

– Shelley Kimelberg, Director of Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree Programs

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From performers and technicians to educators and advocates, passionate people form the heart of our creative community. The Arts Collaboratory unites artistic endeavors across UB, Buffalo and beyond.

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The Sustainable Urban Environments Initiative is poised to engage Buffalo as a living laboratory in an effort to create the sustainable city of the future. The lessons we learn here will change the world.

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In a rapidly evolving digital society, the Digital Humanities Initiative represents a pioneering effort to use emerging technologies as instruments of a revolutionary humanities education.

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From our language to our methods to our tools, the ways we communicate today are strikingly complex. Through the Strategic Communications Hub, we will come together to talk, teach, explore and grow.

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We challenge our students to make a difference through research, study abroad, internships and service programs. These hands-on, real-world activities further their professional development while prepping them to become engaged, proactive citizens.