Published June 4, 2021

Art Collaboration on Chippewa

Mural image from Chippewa St. in Buffalo.

image courtesy of  Buffalo Rising

A new art installation has popped up on Chippewa. Titled ‘Works, from Home (2020)’ this collaborative public art project is the result of efforts by 16 artists that were handed assignments by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery at the beginning of the pandemic.

by queenseyes June 4, 2021, 3:02 pm

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The artists were tasked with coming up with creative and emotional ways to express their personal perceptions of the lockdown. By working in their home settings, each of the artists was able to attend to the project in a familiar environment, while being fully aware that the world around them had drastically changed.

“The resulting installation represents an even greater sense of community than the individual experiences and creative expressions could have captured in their distinct parts.” – AK

Installation view of Works, from Home, 2020, at 43 West Chippewa Street in Buffalo. From left to right, works by Karle Norman, Jay P Hawkins, Sr., Ashley Johnson, MJ Myers, 2011 UB MFA alumnus Jason Seeley, Fotini Galanes, 2003 UB MFA alumnus Adam Weekley, Sarah Myers, Chris Piontkowski, Obsidian Bellis, 2017 UB MFA alumnus Rachel Shelton, Jon Mirro, Julia Bottoms, 2015 UB MFA alumnus Tricia Butski, Jennifer Ryan, and Omniprism.

To view the individual works up close, visit the wall at 43 West Chippewa Street, or click here.