Published November 22, 2021

Featured MFA: Marguerite Kellam, MFA '22

Artist Marguerite Kellam, working in the metals sculpture lab.

Marguerite Kellam

I identify as a woman(pronouns she/her), an artist, a sculptor and a metalworker. These are the labels I give myself. Society may have other labels for me, may reduce me to only one: woman. My work explores my experiences as a woman using fiber processes that are considered women's work and metalworking which is still a male dominated field. Combining these two mediums, speaks to the strength and allows me to honor my mothers memory by continuing to use the techniques she taught me as a child. My imagery utilizes female anatomy which my father taught me along with basic carpentry and building skills. I strive to bring knowledge of female anatomy, illustrate my own life experiences and honor my parents with my artwork.

Questions & Answers

What was your favorite course art course that you've taken so far?

Chris Siano's 3D Modeling class to learn Rhino. I had no idea how useful that program would be for my work. Being able to virtually build a sculpture and make changes before even buying materials was mind blowing. It is also extremely handy for the casting side of my work.

Which experiential learning opportunity at UB has challenged you most in developing your artistic practice?

I enjoyed Millie Chen's Performance Art class immensely, even though it was completely online last year. The class pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me perspective on my work. We as humans communicate with our bodies more accurately than language. The performative aspect of our lives is a direct line to our inner psyche.

What advice would you give to future UB students studying and practicing in the visual arts?

My advice is to try as many mediums as you can. You never know what may be useful later on. Those skills become a “toolbox” of skills that can be drawn on for different pieces. I began in fiber arts and transitioned into sculpture, but I have tried woodworking, ceramics, painting, earthworks and graphic design. Though I didn't pursue those mediums, I use some of those techniques in my work.

Tell us one of your goals that you'd like to accomplish in the next two years.

One of my big goals is to teach at the college level. I would like to find a position in a sculpture.