Published November 10, 2021

Prof. Victoria-Idongesit Udondian is exhibiting in the Bronx Museum of Arts

photo of Victoria Idongesit-Udondia's work "Akaisang" hanging in the Bronx museum, 2021.

Victoria Idongesit-Udondia, Akaisang, Bronx museum, 2021

Prof. Victoria-Idongesit Udondian is exhibiting in the Bronx Museum of Arts' "Bronx Calling: The Fifth AIM Biennial", on view November 10, 2021 through March 20, 2022

The Bronx Museum of the Arts

Since 1980, The Bronx Museum of the Arts has supported New York’s artist community through the Artist in the Marketplace (AIM) Fellowship––the museum’s flagship artist development program offering career management resources to guide emerging artists through the opaque professional practices of the art world. Featuring artworks by 68 artists who took part in the 2018 and 2019 cycles of the Bronx Museum’s AIM Fellowship program, Bronx Calling showcases a range of voices through a form of collective storytelling that speaks to the necessary evolution of human interactions in daily life, in mourning, across generations, and with the symbols and icons that are being consigned to history.

Victoria-Idongesit Udondian’s Sculpture

In Victoria-Idongesit Udondian’s numbered sculptures, the artist uses repurposed woven material and life-cast molds of the hands of immigrants to embody the various forms of barriers and erasure that neocolonial repressive systems have had on black and brown lives while they attempt to migrate for better living conditions.