Published August 14, 2020

Wedding of the Waters

Blinds III, by John Opera, 2014.

John Opera, Blinds III, 2014. Chemically altered cyanotype on stretched linen, 48 x 34 inches. Courtesy of the artist and DOCUMENT, Chicago.

A new exhibition at BICA
August 14 to September 26, 2020.
324 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222

This exhibition is open by appointment, and appointments are exceedingly easy to make. You just choose a time, book it, and show up. You can bring up to 4 people who you feel safe with, and all visitors will remain masked on site. If the weather is nice, we can also open a garage door for increased ventilation.

Exhibition Details

Wedding of the Waters is a group exhibition that considers the joining of waters, and in particular the meeting of two crucial waterways in North America – Lake Erie and the Hudson River – as a metaphor for the places where art and life meet. The wedding of the Erie and the Hudson speaks to the latent power that lurks in the everyday world, the very waters that lap at our feet, creating a dynamic tension of invisible forces around us which reshape our environment. Most objects, whether considered art or not, exist as intimate parts of our everyday lived experiences. This exhibition includes art objects, furniture, and everyday domestic items that come together in quotidian yet unexpected groupings. Together they offer an opportunity to reconsider the confluences of the ordinary and extraordinary elements in our daily lives.

Participating Artists

  • Becky Brown (Buffalo, NY) - Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Paul Chandler (Buffalo, NY)
  • Harun Farocki (Berlin, DE)
  • Amber N. Ford (New Orleans, LA)
  • Eli Gfell (Cleveland, OH)
  • Michelle Grabner (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Hayley Carrow-Janecki of RÓ Design (Buffalo, NY)
  • John Opera (Buffalo, NY) - Assistant Professor
  • Margo Woloweic (Detroit, MI)