Probation and Dismissal

Policy for CDS Graduate Students

1. Students may be dismissed from any CDS graduate program at the Department’s discretion based on students’ unsatisfactory performance, including performance at externship placements.

2. Students will be put on Academic Probation after any semester in which their overall grade point average (GPA) falls below a B (3.0) average. Students have one semester following the semester that resulted in an average of less than 3.0 to raise their GPA above the 3.0 minimum. Students may also take classes during Summer and Winter sessions as needed to help raise their GPAs over the required minimum. For example, if a student’s GPA from a Fall semester

3. Students will be put on Clinic Probation after any semester in which their clinical performance has been considered unsatisfactory. Students also have one semester following the poor semester to bring their clinical performance into the satisfactory range.

  • During the probationary semester, a clinical probation plan is put into place to help students improve and monitor clinical performance.
  • Students will not be permitted to participate in any externship placements until they achieve satisfactory performance in the UB Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic in the semester directly preceding their externship placement.

4. Students will be automatically dismissed from CDS graduate programs (M.A., Au.D., or Ph.D.) whenever students are put on any kind of probation – either Academic or Clinic for any two semesters.

5. For students on Academic or Clinic Probation – students will be responsible for a regular Clinic schedule during the Probation semester. That is, no reduction in Clinic experiences or load will be done during the semester that the student is attempting to raise their performance academically or clinically.