Binbin Xiong, Visiting Scholar, China

Binbin Xiong, Visiting Scholar, China

Pioneering Research in Hearing Disorders

The Center for Hearing and Deafness is a research institute with a broad research scope on inner ear and central auditory disorders. Over the past 20 years, Center researchers have conducted a wide range of projects with a goal to further the understanding of the physiological and morphological changes of various types of acquired hearing loss and their underlying biological and molecular mechanisms. Specifically, the research has been focused on:  

  • Noise-induced hearing loss and inner ear damage (examples: loud music, blasts, gun shots)
  • Ototoxic drug-induced hearing loss and inner ear damage
  • Tinnitus (ringing/whistling in the ears)
  • Age-related hearing loss and cochlear degeneration
  • Industrial solvent-induced hearing loss
  • Hyperacusis (loudness intolerance)
  • Heavy metal ototoxicity and neurotoxicity
Images of research specimens.
Dr. Dalain Ding

Dr. Dalain Ding 

The Center research also focuses on exploration of therapeutic strategies for prevention of acquired hearing loss. Multiple pharmacological strategies have been tested and many are proven to be promising. These include:

  • Antioxidant therapies
  • Antiapoptotic therapies
  • Membrane repair strategies
  • Tinnitus and hyperacusis pharmacology