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Students conducting research in Greenland

Welcome to 732 Clemens Hall. At the College of Arts and Sciences, we believe learning by doing is the key to our students' success both during and after their time at UB. In 2016, we opened the Experiential Learning Center to help students take advantage of the life-changing opportunities happening around them every day. 

Through these unique hands-on experiences, you'll grow into an active global citizen focused on problem-solving, creative innovation, and collaborative civic engagement. You'll also develop the self-confidence and critical thinking skills required to navigate an ever-evolving job market. Don't wait! Now is the time to take the next step toward your future.


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Survey Your Opportunities



Real World Experience, At Your Fingertips

Internships have been shown to be key in determining how quickly and easily students land employment post-graduation. Don't miss out on a vital experience to build the skills future employers want!

These opportunities can be:

  • credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing
  • paid or unpaid
  • located in Buffalo, your hometown, a new city, or abroad
  • completed during the semester, summer, or winter intersession

Formalized internship programs are offered through the Department of Communication and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary


Thomas Briner's student conducting research in Greenland

Get Curious, Get Going

In many universities, undergraduate students are barred from conducting research until their junior or senior year. At UB, every student – from freshman to doctoral candidate – has the opportunity to become involved with the cutting-edge research happening every day. These projects take students from the tiniest specimen under the microscope to the highest peaks of the Eastern Alps, and everywhere in between. 

Examples of past College of Arts and Sciences research projects include:

  • Dating Greenland Ice Sheet Margin Changes (Dr. Jason Briner, Geological Sciences)
  • Examining Influence of Google on U.S. Politics (Dr. Ivan Dylko, Communication)
  • Marine Mammal Metagenomics (Dr. Charlotte Lindqvist, Biological Sciences)
  • Tracing Ancient Literary History: The Tesserae Project (Dr. Neil Coffee, Classics)
  • Experimental Condensed Matter Physics (Dr. John Cerne, Physics)
  • The Effects of Graphic Design on Socioeconomic Status (Renee Ruffino, Art)
  • Metal Complex Interactions with DNA and RNA (Dr. Janet R. Morrow, Chemistry)
  • Urban Socialism in China in the 1950s (Dr. Kristin Stapleton, History)
  • Music and Harmony (Dr. Jonathan Golove, Music)
  • Contemporary Forms of Slavery (Dr. Claude Welch, Political Science)

Study Abroad

Ub student in Brazil
Ub student in Thailand
Students join an archeological dig.

Explore The World, Explore Your Opportunities

We live in a global culture that demands an informed worldview, cross-cultural skills, and empathy for the challenges faced by our international neighbors. First-hand experience is the best teacher, and UB provides multiple ways for students to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity. 

These opportunities can be:

  • Independent or faculty-led
  • Short-term or long-term
  • Completed during the semester, summer, or winter intersession

Examples of College of Arts and Sciences faculty-led programs include:

  • UB Semester in London (Spring)
  • Argentina: Social Change in Buenos Aires (Summer)
  • South Africa and Rwanda: Political History & Contemporary Culture (Summer)
  • Mexico’s Futures (Summer)
  • African American Studies: Experiencing Barbados (Winter)
  • Foreign Reporting in Berlin (Winter)
  • Jerusalem: Ancient Tradition and Modern Innovation (Winter)
  • Italy: UB Classics in the Mediterranean (Winter)
  • Turkey: Global Cities in the 21st Century (Winter)
  • Culture and Performance Appreciation in London (Winter)
  • Sociology of Food in London (Winter)


Students in the Buffalo Public Schools

Learning, Growing, Giving Back

Individual engagement is a vital component of any healthy, thriving community. At UB, we encourage our students to use their talents to serve a community that has welcomed them for two, four, or possibly several years! It's also a chance to learn new skills and further professional development in their chosen field. 

In addition to many non-credit bearing opportunities, UB offers two Service Learning Courses:

  • LIN 496 – The Linguistics department offers a teaching internship, placing interns in the Buffalo Public Schools as teacher’s aides or tutors. Venues include Spanish-English bilingual schools, urban elementary schools, and international schools. Interns can also work with Literacy Volunteers or as ESL tutors in the Linguistics department. For more information, please visit the Linguistics Department.
  • UE 252 -Throughout this service-learning course, students serve as mentors, tutors for middle school students, and support for science teachers in the Buffalo Public Schools. To learn more about this project, please visit the Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Project

Experiential Learning in Action

Experience Your Education with University at Buffalo Provost, Charles F. Zukoski

Study Abroad – Tanzania, 2016
Supervised by Mara Huber, PhD and Dan Nyaronga, PhD.

Student Stories

No human endeavor is untouched by the necessity for food and water. The Sociology of Food, a London-based study abroad opportunity led by professor Debra Street, allows students like former College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador, Katie Flynn, to explore how food and water shape both the everyday and exotic experiences in the modern world.
ARTY is a summer program for youth that offers elementary school children an opportunity to learn and experiment with robot art projects. High school students are specially trained for the week-long workshop and mentor ARTY participants. In turn, those high school students are mentored by faculty-led college and graduate students.
A model conceived and developed by a three-member interdisciplinary team of UB students was among the 2015 winners in a prestigious international mathematical modeling contest. The Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) demands skill, ingenuity, and endurance over an intense four-day period of competition.
Through the Department of Anthropology, former College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador Ashley Cerone traveled the world participating in archaeological excavations and gaining hands-on laboratory experience.
The Department of Media Study (DMS) Game Studies certificate program extends the department’s experimental and critical approach to technology. As part of the certificate requirements, students participate in courses designed to form both theoretical and practical perspectives on Game Studies: Game Gender and Society, Designed Play, and Game Design.
The Music Department is a proud partner of Buffalo String Works, first spearheaded by Yuki Numata Resnick (former UB Professor of violin and viola), Elise Golove (music teacher at School 45) and Virginia Barron (violist and WNED radio announcer). 
During a three-week winter session program, students like former College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador Adam Singh, transitioned from foreign tourists to international journalists as part of the Foreign Reporting in Berlin experience. They interacted with the city and its inhabitants, confronted language and cultural barriers, and experienced the stories of a city and a nation forever altered by 20th century history.

For more information on how you can participate in an Experiential Learning opportunity, please visit the Experiential Learning Center.