Reichbach Memorial Fund

The College of Arts and Sciences, through the generosity of several donors, has established a fund to provide critical financial support for students who are near graduation, but – due to an unexpected financial crisis – may be unable to graduate. Any student who requires critical financial support in order to earn their degree is encouraged to apply for funding. Preference based on class rank is given to those students who have no more than three semesters remaining until they are able to graduate.

The Fund is administered by the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Education Awards Committee. The committee works in close collaboration with the Office of Financial Aid to confirm need and coordinate the overall financial aid for the recipients. Preference is also given to applications who have completed a higher number of academic credit hours to prevent complications with financial aid. University faculty and staff are encouraged to recommend students whom they believe would qualify. 


  • Applicants must be enrolled in a course of study (major or minor) within the College of Arts and Sciences. (Preference will be given to College of Arts and Sciences majors.)
  • Applicants must be making satisfactory progress, or have created a realistic plan in consultation with their advisor to return to good academic standing, as evidenced in the recommendation letter. (Students not making satisfactory academic progress will lose their aid.)
  • Applicants must demonstrate critical financial hardship that could prevent them from obtaining their degree. 

Application Procedure

  • Log in to using your UBIT name and password.
  • Fill out one general application each term.
  • If you are eligible for this scholarship, it will appear in your list. 

Recipients are required to meet with their academic counselors to ensure that their academic requirements are met.

Recipients must account for the disposition of the funds and provide a timely report on how the funds assisted them in insuring graduation or accomplishing other academic achievement.  In addition, the recipients are required to meet with the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education to keep her/him apprised of their progress throughout their funding.

With questions, please contact:

Submission Deadline: November 1