ASI 400 - Service Learning in the Buffalo Public Schools

Chemistry instruction, Buffalo Public Schools

ASI 400 is an exciting opportunity to pair your love of your academic background with a commitment to community. You will deepen and enrich the study of your chosen major, participate in experiences beyond the traditional classroom, and develop research and critical thinking skills, all while learning about urban education, diversity, mentorship, counseling, lesson planning, and classroom management.

Course Information

ASI 400

Mondays, 3:00pm-5:30pm
134C Grenier Hall
3 Credits
Open to All Majors

Course Requirements

  • This class meets as a group on Mondays and requires four to five hours of work per week at one of the 12 schools served by the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Partnership
  • Students will support classroom work, especially through the implementation and development of hands-on science experiments
  • Students will develop survey and interview skills to evaluate the impact of science education programs in improving student performance and appreciation of science

For further information on ASI 400, please contact Dr. Joe Gardella at