Student Testimonials

Jacob with Mindy Kaling


Art; Business

"Working for an entertainment tech company is an experience like no other. Hulu took care of everything: the flight, housing, and they also compensated us for our time. I worked with live social media content, which was challenging but also helped me grow. On day six I took over the Hulu snapchat account for a day and my task was to attend a Mindy Kaling fashion show, which was related to The Mindy Project. Now, in my marketing classes, when the professor talks about integrative marketing communications, I can look back on my internship at Hulu and understand the content on a higher level better because I’ve done it. You really start to see how you will use what you’re learning."


Mathematics; Music – Violin Performance

"I volunteered to teach violin to South Asian refugee students through Buffalo String Works. Violin’s always been a passion for me and it was great to use it to have a positive impact on my community; you’re teaching something you love and at the same time providing these kids with an after-school program. In addition to music we were also building communication skills. Some of the students were just beginning to learn English, so we taught them to mimic our movements. One little girl was incredibly shy; she wouldn’t say a word. I tried to make her laugh and help her feel comfortable. Within a couple of weeks she was responding and I just thought: Wow. That’s the power of music. That’s the power of a safe space and taking the time to listen."

Angela at the ASHA conference


Speech and Hearing Science

"Attending the 2016 American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) convention in Philadelphia was one of the most influential experiences of my undergraduate career. My favorite seminar was on helping children with highly unintelligible speech. It enabled me to apply some of the knowledge that I learned in class to real situations, and confirmed my interest in phonological disorders. Being a part of the largest gathering of speech and hearing professionals that has ever occurred truly made me feel as if I belong in this field."



"I travelled to Greece with the Art & Archaeology of Greece study abroad program. I felt so connected to the rest of the world, and to the past. We went to a cemetery where the oldest people in the world are buried. We ran the original racetrack at Olympia. All around us, people were arguing about politics in the place where politics was born. It was mind-blowing."

Makenzie with students in Selma, Alabama


Health and Human Services; Psychology

“This past spring break, I had the opportunity to travel to Selma, Alabama and participate in an alternative break with an organization called Something New. While on this trip, we completed service projects in the local public schools in Selma, as well as training on nonviolence. This experience has truly transformed my life and helped me to discover my passion for serving others.”



"I spent the summer as an intern in M&T Bank’s Treasury Department. I focused on skills that I would not necessarily learn in a classroom setting, such as teamwork, networking, autonomous problem-solving, and self-motivation. Not only did I realize that there is actually a job out there where I can play with numbers, but now I also have one of those jobs: my manager has offered me a position following my graduation in May 2017.”

Jordan Roeder in archaeological field school


Anthropology; Classics

“I was able to experience one of the best summers of my life through an archaeological field school. In addition to learning the techniques and skills necessary to an archaeologist, I gained new friends and made lasting memories. Now that I have completed a field school I am qualified to work on other excavations in the country. I plan to continue helping out in the Anthropological Survey Lab at UB next semester and work on more excavations in the future.”


Medicinal Chemistry

"This past summer, I learned what research is like on a day-to-day basis. I became adept at many laboratory-specific skills, and I have also noticed my general laboratory skills are much better. My PI has also taken a much larger interest in me as a mentee and has given me my own project. I’ve begun piloting the self-administration of nicotine, a drug new to the laboratory. I am even involved in training the new master’s student."

Marla at the Child and Family Asthma Studies Center



"As a clinical research assistant in the Child and Family Asthma Studies Center at the Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, I was able to gain hands-on clinical and research experience with pediatric asthma patients and their caregivers, as well as learn more about the research process and challenges that come with clinical research. I was also able to receive mentorship from research scientists and physicians who are leaders in their field, and was even offered the opportunity to continue my work with them in the fall. This experience has been very eye-opening in helping me to confirm that a career in pediatric research is one that I would like to pursue."

Rachel in Louisiana


Mathematics; Environmental Engineering

"This past winter break, I had the good fortune of traveling to Louisiana with the volunteer-based organization, Bayou Grace. This experience helped me learn about a major environmental and societal issue in Louisiana that many people may not actually know about. I hope to spread the word about what these people are facing; no one should have to see their home underwater. This trip also helped me implement sustainable habits in my own life."


French; Linguistics

"During my time at the International Institute of Buffalo, I assisted the wonderful, dedicated Language Services team in coordinating the services of interpreters and translators to provide for the language needs of the immigrant and refugee community here in Western New York. I gained both practical work skills that apply to a variety of domains and that will serve me no matter what career I pursue, and greater knowledge and understanding of the specific field I am considering entering post-graduation."

Allison's team


Geography; International Business & Trade

"I was very grateful to have been selected for an Experiential Learning scholarship! Using the ArcGIS software I purchased with the funds, we went on to combine geologic, soil, and watershed data layers on top of a county boundaries base layer. At this point, as the summer turns into fall, I am employed with the Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council, but still heavily involved with Designing to Live Sustainably. I have learned that the field of sustainability is where I want to be."

Megan at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting


Chemistry; Geology

"My time in San Francisco at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting was one of the best experiences I have had at UB. I was able to witness the geoscience community come together to discuss their passion for scientific research and knowledge. Presenting my research and learning about other research solidified that I do want to attend graduate school for geoscience. Attending this conference was a stepping stone in achieving my goal of attending graduate school and becoming a geoscience educator in the future."