Need to Know: COVID-19 Issue 15. Notices and Updates for CAS.

Official UB Covid-19 Information


  • The new fall 2020 academic course schedule is now available.
    • The updated schedule allows for physical distancing within classroom settings and decreased density on-campus.


  • Undergraduate Research Update: In order to accommodate summer programs that involve research and/or training of undergraduate students in UB labs, the OVPRED is revising the university's Research Ramp-up Phase 2 guidelines.
    • For time-sensitive or specially funded summer research programs that require undergraduate students to be present on campus and in research labs, PIs can update their lab operation plans to include these students.
    • All other Phase 2 guidelines for on-site research must still be met (e.g. minimum density of staffing, social distancing, wearing of masks, working remotely when possible, etc.). Further information about resumption of undergraduate research during the academic year is forthcoming.
  • Updating Laboratory Opening/Operations Plans (LOP): Faculty wishing to update their LOP to add or subtract personnel should follow the processes developed by CAS.
    • This process involves completing and submitting the “Request to Add-Subtract Personnel from Phase 2 LOP” form for approval. The form is available from the CAS Research team or department chairs. It is important that PIs review the LOP with any and all new personnel, securing their signatures to attest that these individuals have knowledge of, and agree to, the processes and procedures that must be followed for social distancing, disinfection, and occupancy in any given laboratory or other research space.
  • UB Research Ramp-up Phase 2 Transition Update
    • OVPRED does not anticipate advancing to UB Research Ramp-up Phase 3 in the foreseeable future. This is primarily due to the fact that New York State continues to limit space occupancy to 50% capacity.
      • Our Phase 3 is predicated upon a further easing of restrictions to up to 75% capacity, which is not expected any time soon.

International Students

Information for Faculty and Staff

  • UB’s comprehensive Health and Safety Guidelines serve to protect UB students, faculty, staff and visitors. The guidelines will be implemented across campus and are effective immediately.
    • Precautionary Quarantines: UB students, faculty and staff planning to return to campus in August (or thereafter), must first complete a required seven-day precautionary quarantine at their own residence to help reduce the risk of virus transmission. 
  • Daily Health Verification Form: As a reminder, in order to ensure the safety and public health of the UB campus and community, employees will be required to attest daily that they are free of COVID-19 symptoms before reporting to work on-campus.
  • Take the “Together, we are UB” pledge and commit to keeping the UB community safe and strong.
  • CAS Student Emergency Fund: Give to the College of Arts and Sciences student emergency fund to help students during the pandemic.

Online Training and Support

Resources for Students

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Brian Swartz, director of facilities and space planning, works to help keep the College community safe by coordinating PPE distribution efforts.

Brian Swartz, director of facilities and space planning, works to help keep the College community safe by coordinating PPE distribution efforts.

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