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The Department of Geology drives innovation in the field. Our internationally active researchers investigate the most enduring questions on Earth.

Lava from scratch? Only at UB.

Professor Ingo Sonder, PhD, lead scientist at the University at Buffalo's Center for GeoHazards Studies, creates homemade lava by heating basaltic rock in a high-powered induction furnace. 

Once the mixture is red hot and bubbling at 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, it's ready to pour and Sonder's research into the danger that volcanoes near ice, lakes, oceans, and underground water sources pose to surrounding communities can begin.

Future Students

We offer a cutting-edge curriculum designed to train the next generation of earth and environmental scientists. 


Geology is all around us. Join the department for a once-in-a-lifetime experience exploring hidden gems of the Western U.S. 


Don't miss out! Learn what's coming up at the Department of Geology, including the popular Pegrum Lecture Series.