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Greg A. Valentine

Professor and Director, Center for GeoHazards Studies


PhD, Geological Sciences, University of California Santa Barbara – 1988


Volcanic risk, phreatomagmatic explosive eruptions, basaltic volcanic fields, pyroclastic deposits, volcano fluid dynamics, volcaniclastic and surface processes

Course Offerings

  • GLY 215 – Sedimentology
  • GLY 407/507 – Geologic Field Training (Field Camp)
  • GLY 428/528 – Geologic Hazards and Risk
  • GLY 431/531 – Volcanology
  • GLY 433/533 – Volcanic Rocks
  • GLY 578 – Advanced Field Methods
  • GLY 499 – Independent Study
  • GLY 599 – Supervised Teaching
  • GLY 633 – Graduate Research
  • GLY 700 – Thesis Guidance

Research Interests

Physical processes associated with basaltic volcanism, from the scale of eruptive styles at individual volcanoes to the dynamics of basaltic fields. Interpretation of pyroclastic deposits including large-volume, widespread ignimbrites and associated calderas. Multiphase fluid dynamics and numerical modeling of explosive eruptions. Consequences of volcanic activity and spatial-temporal behavior of volcanic systems, with application to risk assessment and coupling to infrastructure response models.  Evolution of volcanic landforms, particularly in arid environments.


415 Hochstetter Hall

(716) 645-4295


Current Students

  • Andrew Harp – Ph.D. - Plumbing of mafic-intermediate stratovolcanoes.
  • Peter Johnson – Ph.D. - Causes of dewatering events at composite volcanoes as precursors to eruptive episodes.
  • Matthew Sweeney – Ph.D. - Numerical models of magma-water interaction and maar-diatreme eruptions.
  • Scott Borchardt - MS - Basal layer of the upper Bandelier Tuff ignimbrite.
  • Zachary Younger - MS - Emplacement of aa lava at Marcath volcano, Nevada, using LiDAR data.

Current Postdocs

  • Dr. Pranabendu Moitra - 2015 - Experimental magma-water interaction.
  • Alison Graettinger - 2013 to present - Research focus on experimental studies of phreatomagmatic explosive eruptions.

Recent Former Students

  • Élodie Macorps – MS – “Experimental and field study of host-substrate influence on phreatomagmatic eruptions and the formation of maar-diatremes” – currently pursuing Ph.D. at Univ. South Florida
  • Matthew R. Sweeney – MS – “A numerical determination of debris jet length scales and depositional structures in diatremes” – currently pursuing Ph.D. at UB
  • Andrew Harp – M.S. - “Shallow plumbing geometry and eruptive processes of a monogenetic volcano, Lunar Crater Volcanic Field, Nevada” – currently pursuing Ph.D. at UB
  • Peter Johnson – MS – “The ~38 ka Marcath eruption at Lunar Crater Volcanic Field, Nevada:  Characteristics of a monogenetic basaltic tephra fall deposit” – currently pursuing Ph.D. at UB
  • Jamal Amin – MS – “Lateral variations in strata competence and alternating eruption styles in space and time as morphological controls on a maar crater in the Lunar Crater Volcanic Field, Nevada, USA” – currently self-employed in start-up business focused on remote sensing.
  • Pascale Bion – MS – “Conception of a method for the creation of volcanic risk index maps”  – currently employed in the Auvergne Department regional government (France)
  • Sonja Melander – MS – “Breccias of the Sovana Eruptive Unit, Latera Caldera, Vulsini Volcanic District, Italy” – currently employed by the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve as the education and outreach coordinator
  • Missti Brown – MS – “Vulnerability assessment for the Mijitayo Creek water treatment facility, Pasto, Colombia” – currently employed by PML Exploration Services LLC

Recent Publications

Breard ECP, Lube G, Jones JR, Dufek J, Cronin SJ, Valentine GA, Moebis A (2016) Coupling of turbulent and non-turbulent flow regimes within pyroclastic density currents. Nature Geoscience 9: 767-771, doi:10.1038/NGEO2794

Graettinger AH, Valentine GA, Sonder I (2016) Recycling in debris-filled volcanic vents. Geology 44: 811-814, doi:10.1130/G38081.1

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Macorps É, Graettinger AH, Valentine GA, Ross P-S, White JDL, Sonder I (2016) The effects of host-substrate properties on maar-diatreme volcanoes: experimental evidence.  Bulletin of Volcanology 78:26, doi:10.1007/s00445-016-1013-8

Roche O, Buesch DC, Valentine GA (2016) Slow-moving, far-travelled dense pyroclastic flows during the Peach Spring super-eruption. Nature Communications 7: 10890, doi:10.1038/NCOMMS10890

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Valentine GA, Connor CB (2015) Basaltic volcanic fields.  In:  The Encyclopedia of Volcanoes, 2 Edition, H. Sigurdsson (ed.), Elsevier, 423-439, doi: 10.1016/B978-0-12-385938-9.00023-7

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