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Geology Honors

In addition to the GPA standards, students interested in the Honors program must first make contact with a faculty mentor for the senior research project. Once they have done so, they are invited to apply in writing to the Undergraduate Director. Students should include a list of courses completed within major with grades received and indication that a faculty mentor has approved the senior research experience.

After receiving approval from a faculty mentor, students must register for three (3) hours of GLY498 (undergraduate research) or 499 (independent study) with their advisor for two consecutive semesters. Students should work with their advisor to develop a research plan early in the first semester of senior year and meet frequently with their advisor for guidance.

The Senior Research Project must conclude with a capstone product, such as a thesis paper, guided and approved by your faculty mentor. We also strongly encourage students to present their research at a conference in the form of a poster or address. 

Geology Field Camp

UB's Geology Field Camp is an exciting opportunity to explore the natural wonders of the Western United States. Taught by four expert faculty instructors, you'll receive a breadth of exposure unique to the UB experience.