PhD Applicants to MS

Current Linguistics PhD students from UB may also apply to the MS in Natural Science Interdisciplinary (Computational Linguistics). 

Please note that 36 credits must uniquely go towards the PhD degree, and that taking extra courses for the MS degree can prevent students from taking extra courses towards the PhD degree.

Application Instructions

Before submitting an application, students should make an appointment to speak with Rui P. Chaves, program director. To apply, students must complete the online application before April 1, and attach their BA and graduate transcripts; C.V.; writing sample; and statement of purpose. Students are not required to retake the TOEFL exam or GRE exam. Please leave the reference section blank, as no reference letters are required.

Online Application

International Applicants

Along with the online application, international applicants must include the I-20 form and copies of their visa and passport. International applicants must also complete an International Applicant Financial form, and attach this along with a copy of a recent bank statement or a letter indicating that they are receiving a scholarship. The International Admissions Office cannot process the MS application without these documents.

Additionally, students should contact the Department Graduate Secretary and state (i) what remaining MS requirements still need to be met, (ii) the semesters the student plans to meet these requirements, and (iii) how many credits the student plans to take in each semester until MS degree conferall. Once this information is provided, the International Admissions Office can determine the amount of financial proof students will need to submit.

Application Fee Waiver

The graduate application fee is $75 U.S. (payable online or by check or money order made payable to the University at Buffalo). Students may be eligible for an application fee waiver courtesy of the CAS Dean's Office. To learn more, please visit the College of Arts and Sciences. If they qualify for a waiver, students may then submit their MS application for formal review without the application fee, provided the fee waiver application has also been submitted and accepted.