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Interior of UB's CFA, The Purple State, November 2016

Technē supports both new and existing collaborations through faculty grants, external support, and competitive funding opportunities. Technē creates contexts of experimentation, mixing arts, science, and technology, showcasing multifaceted products that act as mediators of knowledge. Technē strives to circulate findings internationally as we continuously partake in cultural exchanges. Strategies for co-producing events with similar organizations throughout the US, Canada, and Europe facilitate and advance this practice. As Technē operates on a global scale, we remain grounded through our University campus and its ability to engage students and the general public. Conversational frameworks between disciplines are constructed to develop relational research. The Technē Institute works with a number of University departments, including but not limited to English, Theatre & Dance, Art, Arts Management, Political Science, and Media Studies.


Our summer program for school age children was a great success!  We are already planning for 2018!

International Participation

We are excited to develop collaborative relationships with a variety of arts and science organizations throughout the world.


Techne has a growing history of sponsoring and producing public programming, including panel discussions, performative events, and exhibitions.

Stay Informed

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