Fossil Futures: Decolonizing Dinosaur Science

Noral Al Badri and Jan Nikolai Nelles

Nora Al-Badri and Jan Nelles are two Berlin-based artists working together as a collective. Their recent project, "The Other Nefertiti" involved the pair scanning the Nefertiti bust at the Neues Museum in Berlin, and releasing the 3D dataset to the public. A symposium is scheduled for Friday, March 10, at 1:15 pm in 280 Park Hall on North Campus. Fossil Futures: Decolonizing Dinosaur Science, will also feature two additional guests: Denny Gayton and WJT Mitchell.

With regard to the notion of belonging and possession of material objects of other cultures, the artists intention is to make cultural objects publicly accessible and to promote a contemporary and critical approach on how the "Global North" deals with heritage and the representation of "the Other". The work also questions originality and singularity of those diasporic objects: "We should tell stories of entanglement and Nefertiti is a great case to start with to tell stories from very different angles and to see how they intertwine."

Nora Al-Badri: Jan Nelles: