Ubiquitous Theater

Robert Lipman and Philippe Vincent


Heiner Muller once said : Theater has the ability to digest everything. It is why we work in theater, we mix all things on stage. Dance, music, politic, acting, painting, architecture. Cinema can be eaten by the theater. Cinema is the seventh art, invented by the Frères Lumières In France, in Lyon, at the dawn of the twentieth century. It quickly became the most political and popular art, for it was able to show the world, not like a painter or a writer can feel it, but as it is. For the audience when they saw an elephant moving on the screen for the first time, they haven't seen elephant before. It was like the truth. Cinema was able to show reality. During the twentieth century, cinema offered the possibility for the mass to have a new representation of the world, near the truth. It was a revolution.

PHILIPPE VINCENT is a stage director, filmmaker and writer from Lyon- France. In his work, he is seeking to immerse the audience in the process of theatrical production itself. ROBERT LIPMAN is an American multi-instrumentist musician, composer and actor who has been working with Vincent since 1999.