Faculty Research Fellowships

We continue to serve the research and pedagogical mission of the University of Buffalo though the financial support of two, Faculty Fellowships each calendar year. 

Annual Faculty Research Fellowship



The Technē Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies fosters new work at the intersection of artistic expression and emerging technologies within the research and pedagogical mission of the University at Buffalo.



The Technē Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies solicits proposals for two faculty fellowships of up to $5,000 for innovative projects within the field of art and emerging technologies. Technē project funding is designed to support the initiation or continuation of arts and technology projects by individual artists working solo or in collaboration with other artists and scientists. The program will be funded across artistic disciplines and is open to a range of genres and platforms. Collaborations with other disciplines—including those outside UB—will receive priority.

Fellowships are intended to supply project “start-up funds.” Fellows are expected to seek additional funding for proposed projects. Individual applicants may apply repeatedly with different projects, but may not receive funding more than once every three years.

Funds will be dispersed to individual departments and all expenditures must be consistent with NY State funding guidelines. Because of their experience Technē Fellows will be asked to serve as reviewers for future proposals.



The deadline is April 30, 2018. Applicants will be notified by June 1.



July 1, 2018- December 30, 2018



The following project types are eligible for funding:

New projects at the research and development phase

Continuing projects at the production/presentation phase



Fellowships are open to all regular full-time, tenure-line faculty at UB.



Fellows must submit a one-page summary by November 15, 2018 that outlines the project’s goals, how the fellowship helped the recipient towards those goals, how close the project is to completion, and how it will be made available to the public (e.g., an exhibition, a performance, a free download). All funding must be expended by this date.



All fellows will be required to publicly present their research at a Technē-sponsored event at the conclusion of the funding period, during the following semester (Spring 2019). Presentations will be announced and promoted by Technē.



·         The quality and potential of the proposed research project as outlined in the project proposal

·         The feasibility of the proposed project based on the project budget and timeline

·         The proposed project’s contribution to the field of art and emerging technologies at UB and in general

·         The quality and completion record of previous research projects and scholarly publications

·         For collaborative projects, the merit of the collaboration including partners, facilities to be used, and contributions of the collaboration to the field of art and emerging technologies

·         Willingness to work with Technē to leverage additional funding for the proposed project



All applications should be sent electronically and must include the following:

·         A Cover Sheet with applicant name, affiliation, project name and collaborators, if relevant

·         Project proposal Abstract (500 word maximum)

·         A four-page, double-spaced Project Narrative to include: a detailed description of the proposed project, including project activities that will occur during the funding period; a project time-line; a list of collaborators and their affiliations, if relevant; a list of UB facilities to be utilized, if relevant

·         Budget (no more than 1 page)

·         Budget Justification (no more than 1 page)

·         Current CV of no more than three pages, which should indicate in detail previous and upcoming research support (grants, fellowships, leaves).

·         Work Samples of past completed work – i.e., DVDs, Websites, Catalogues



Applications should be sent to techne@buffalo.edu.