Laura Martin
Recent Publications
  • Banik, D.D., Martin, L.E., Freichel, M., Torregrossa A-M., Medler, K.F. (2018) TRPM4 and TRPM5 are both required for normal signaling in taste receptor cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(4):E772-E781 [PubMed Link]
  • Martin, L.E., Nikonova, L.V., Kay, K., Paedae, A.B., Contreras, R.J., Torregrossa, A-M. (2018) Salivary proteins alter taste perception and taste nerve signaling. Physiology and Behavior, 184 (1):150-161 [PubMed Link]
  • Torregrossa, A-M., Loney, G.C., Smith, J.C., Eckel, L.A. (2015) Examination of the perception of sweet- and bitter-like taste qualities in sucralose preferring and avoiding rats.  Physiology and Behavior, 140:96-103 [PubMed Link]
  • Torregrossa, A-M., Nikonova, L.V., Bales, M.B., Villalobos Leal, M., Smith, J.C., Contreras, R.J., Eckel, L.A. (2014) Induction of salivary proteins modifies measures of both orosensory and postingestive feedback during exposure to a tannic acid diet.  Plos One, 9(8): e105232 [PubMed Link]
  • Torregrossa, A-M., Bales, M.B., Breza, J.M., Houpt, T.A., Smith J.C., Contreras, R.J. (2012) Water restriction and fluid temperature alter preference for water and sucrose solutions.  Chemical Senses, 37(3):279-292 [PubMed Link]