Reflection of the 50th African and African American Studies Celebration on 2/12/2019

Keynote Speaker Mark Anthony Neal

Keynote Speaker: Mark Anthony Neal

Undergrad Students of AAS

Undergraduate AAS Student Panel 

AAS Chair and Former Chair's Discussion Panel

AAS Chair's Panel

AAS Chair: Cecil Foster 

Former Chairs & Faculty: 

James Pappas, Lillian Williams & Keith Griffler

Alumni Sophia Azeb

Sophia Azeb- AAS Grad Alumni

Dawoud Sabu Adeyloa

Dawoud Sabu Adeyola-Community activist and UB Adjunct Professor

Cecil Foster- Chair of TNS

Cecil Foster- Chair of Transnational Studies

Camille Arnold and Cecil Foster

Undergrad Scholarship Donor Camille Arnold with Cecil Foster, Chair

Undergrad Scholarship Winners

AAS Undergrad Camille Arnold Scholarship Winners and Faculty 

James Pappas, Leah Barney, Zachary Shackelford, Camille Arnold, Asli Ali, Kelly Ann Swartz, & Cecil Foster