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The College of Arts and Sciences is a place filled with students and faculty who are ambitious and determined. They are incredible teachers, learners and doers. No story or path is the same - that's what makes UB so unique.  Explore the places and people that make the College so special.   

Our Students, Faculty and Alumni

The study led by UB psychologist Jamie Ostrov will measure the nervous system to better understand the role of family and peer adversity.

Soo-Kyung Lee and Jae Lee’s research took on new meaning when their baby, Yuna, was born with a rare disorder tied to a gene Soo-Kyung had studied.

The Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award will support work by John Richard to study the molecular interactions that enable enzymes to speed chemical reactions.

In a new study, genetically engineered E. coli eat glucose, then help turn it into molecules found in gasoline.

Timothy Cook moonlights as an artist, with projects binding his two passions: science and drawing.

Mame-Fatou Niang, a visiting scholar studying Blackness in contemporary France, is teaching a seminar this semester as the Melodia E. Jones Endowed Chair.

As a live content correspondent, sophomore Michael Hunter films crucial plays for the Buffalo Bills and opposing teams’ social media accounts.

Michael Mwenso’s course, “Protest, Hope and Resilience through Black Arts,” is part of programming for the UB Arts Collaboratory.

Although she had never written for the mainstream, UB English professor Carine Mardorossian was determined to help a hospice physician write his book.

Student pianist Marcus Lolo gives new meaning to community-minded undergraduates.

UB alumnus George Kelley has entrusted his extensive pulp fiction collection to the UB Libraries.

Perched on the sliding seat, with her feet secured in shoes attached to the boat, Katie Barnum, web developer for the College of Arts and Sciences, pushes the 27-foot scull away from the dock.
Joan Linder from the Department of Art helps to improve upon the best laid plans while teaching a hybrid class.
Delivering a biology course consisting of lectures and in-person labs to over 1,000 students has always been a challenge. Throw in a pandemic, quarantine and a mid-semester mandate to move the course entirely online in 10 days and you’ve got the potential for an educational disaster.
This is a story about taking a chance. It is a story about the power of education and mentorship.
Biology student Alex Dombrowski has turned her passion for bees into a physical, lasting legacy on campus.
Pemba Sherpa (left) and Hemanta Adhikari will leave Buffalo in December to deliver winter jackets and school supplies to a remote mountain school in Nepal, a country where both women lived as children.
Professor Howard Lasker is one of the world’s foremost experts on coral reefs
Kurtis Sprung landed his dream job with Circque du Soleil and competed on World of Dance.

Dalanda Jalloh, UB’s latest recipient of a Boren Scholarship, fights food insecurity as she spends part of her senior year studying in Senegal.

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