Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives: What Problem Will You Solve?

Our world is desperate for solutions. Job titles no longer define our students’ futures, but rather, whether or not they are adept problem-solvers. Within the College of Arts and Sciences, we must work hard to provide the tools, environment and experiences that will launch a powerful wave of fearless, solutions-minded individuals prepared to answer tough questions and tackle urgent global issues.

The Strategic Initiatives represent a vision for the College of Arts and Sciences centered around shaping a new era of liberal arts education: one that demands cross-disciplinary collaboration, drives technological and cultural innovation, and elevates every voice. To realize this vision, we must engage our students, faculty and staff, our UB campus partners, the city of Buffalo, and the greater Western New York region, keeping in mind that success relies on the industry and ingenuity of our community.

This is only the beginning. We hope you'll join us.

From performers and technicians to educators and advocates, passionate people form the heart of our creative community. The Arts Collaboratory unites artistic endeavors across UB, Buffalo and beyond.
By emphasizing support of current diversity-focused research and activities, the Center for Diversity Innovation will help transform UB's students, faculty and staff into more empathetic global citizens.
The Sustainable Urban Environments Initiative is poised to engage Buffalo as a living laboratory in an effort to create the sustainable city of the future. The lessons we learn here will change the world.
In a rapidly evolving digital society, the Digital Humanities Initiative represents a pioneering effort to use emerging technologies as instruments of a revolutionary humanities education.
From our language to our methods to our tools, the ways we communicate today are strikingly complex. Through the Strategic Communications Hub, we will come together to talk, teach, explore and grow.

Lead the Charge

Buffalo statue on North Campus.

Bold, innovative leaders stand at the forefront of initiative success.

Archaeology students working at a dig site in Buffalo.

Hands-on experiences propel students out of the classroom and into real-world learning.

Boldly Buffalo: The Campaign for UB.

A unique opportunity to mold the future of the College and liberal arts education.