Arielle Balthazard

BA in Mathematics and Music, '17

Violin student at Buffalo String Works.

A student of Arielle's focuses on her lesson at Buffalo String Works

"I volunteered to teach violin to South Asian refugee students through Buffalo String Works. Violin’s always been a passion for me and it was great to use it to have a positive impact on my community; you’re teaching something you love and at the same time providing these kids with an after-school program. In addition to music we were also building communication skills. Some of the students were just beginning to learn English, so we taught them to mimic our movements. One little girl was incredibly shy; she wouldn’t say a word. I tried to make her laugh and help her feel comfortable. Within a couple of weeks she was responding and I just thought: Wow. That’s the power of music. That’s the power of a safe space and taking the time to listen."