Jacob Schupbach

BA in Art and Business Administration, '17

Jacob Schupbach with Mindy Kaling.

Jacob with actress Mindy Kaling at a Hulu event

"Working for an entertainment tech company is an experience like no other. Hulu took care of everything: the flight, housing, and they also compensated us for our time. I worked with live social media content, which was challenging but also helped me grow. On day six I took over the Hulu snapchat account for a day and my task was to attend a Mindy Kaling fashion show, which was related to The Mindy Project. Now, in my marketing classes, when the professor talks about integrative marketing communications, I can look back on my internship at Hulu and understand the content on a higher level better because I’ve done it. You really start to see how you will use what you’re learning."