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Turning Learning into Doing

Geology student Chris Sbarra collects glacial rock samples in Alaska.

Geology student Chris Sbarra spent last summer collecting glacial rock samples in Alaska. "There are countless opportunities here, and I’ve been fortunate enough to take full advantage of them."

Experiential Learning is vital.

Every day, we challenge our students to make a difference through research, study abroad, internships and service programs. These hands-on, real-world activities amplify our students’ education and further their professional development while prepping them to become engaged, proactive citizens.

Whether they travel to distant lands or conduct research in our own backyard, our students represent UB's commitment to bold participation, radical empathy and purposeful ambition. After graduation, their experiences reinforce their identity as contributing members of a global society. 

Our challenge is to ensure that every student, from freshman to PhD, can access these opportunities.

The Experiential Learning Center: Reimagined

A destination for students. A new paradigm for teaching and thinking. A forward-focused group of people who are committed to investigating, developing and providing unique opportunities for students. The Experiential Learning Center will be all of these things—and so much more.

"The Experiential Learning Center will shape every student in the College. Engagement with the Center will begin when students enter their first year and will carry through their time at UB as they discover, learn, and grow." – Dean Robin Schulze

As hands-on learning permeates the College culture, students will experience a more practical, modern and comprehensive education that makes them more curious, more marketable, and ultimately more successful in careers and life.

Door to the Experiential Learning Center.

The Experiential Learning Center in 732 Clemens Hall helps students discover the opportunities available at UB.