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Strategic Communications Hub

The power to communicate persuasively and interpret information successfully has never been more crucial. In turn, a thorough understanding of how these skills—or lack of them—affect our lives, careers and collective future becomes more critical with each passing day.

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Asking the Right Questions

  • What are the most effective ways to teach our students about media?
  • What are the skills and knowledge that students most need to be successful in a rapidly evolving media context?
  • How can we prepare students to use future technologies that we cannot even imagine today?

These are the types of questions we must answer if we hope to give our students an undeniable competitive edge in any employment market. When they hire a UB graduate, employers will know they are gaining an invaluable team member equipped with communication strategies and techniques for a modern world.

The College is primed for success. We have:

> Departments of Communication, English, Media Study, Art, Theatre and Dance and a dedicated Journalism Program.

> Distinguished faculty in a variety of synergistic fields, including communications, composition and rhetoric, journalism, media, art, theater, and video and film production.

> An independent student newspaper, The Spectrumthat has won nearly two dozen awards in recent years.

> Successful alumni who help us provide a proven road map for thriving careers spanning television, radio, journalism, social media and corporate media relations.

Student working together on the Global Innovation Challenge.

Raising Every Voice

Through the Strategic Communications Hub, students will learn to craft strong arguments, tell effective stories across media platforms, use and anticipate new technologies, and tailor their messages for specific audiences. Now it is time to bring together all of our vast resources to position UB and the College of Arts and Sciences as a leader in the research and practice of strategic communication.

From performers and technicians to educators and advocates, passionate people form the heart of our creative community. The Arts Collaboratory unites artistic endeavors across UB, Buffalo and beyond.
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The Sustainable Urban Environments Initiative is poised to engage Buffalo as a living laboratory in an effort to create the sustainable city of the future. The lessons we learn here will change the world.
In a rapidly evolving digital society, the Digital Humanities Initiative represents a pioneering effort to use emerging technologies as instruments of a revolutionary humanities education.
We challenge our students to make a difference through research, study abroad, internships and service programs. These hands-on, real-world activities further their professional development while prepping them to become engaged, proactive citizens.