What are the Liberal Arts?

Chemistry professor Diana Aga and PhD student Deena Butryn in Aga's Natural Sciences Complex Lab.

Chemistry professor Diana Aga and PhD student Deena Butryn in Aga's Natural Sciences Complex Lab. Aga was recently awarded the 2017 Jacob F. Schoellkopf Medal.

When you take the time to study an object closely, from every angle, something extraordinary happens. Your eyes sharpen. Hidden details come into focus. A different perspective begins to take shape. Answers emerge, and with them, new questions.

At the College of Arts and Sciences, a liberal arts education demands that students take an ever-closer look at their world. Through this unique lens, scholarship re-centers around skill-sets, personal goals and problem-solving. Our students prepare to meet every challenge with courage, flexibility, perseverance, compassion. In a diverse yet inclusive environment, they have the freedom to take risks, work collaboratively across disciplines and contribute to a world they now see up-close.

Large College Opportunities, Small College Feel

With 29 departments, 16 academic programs, and 23 centers and institutes, the College offers more academic options than any other unit on campus. Students have the resources of a major research institution – such as cutting-edge facilities and faculty at the forefront of their fields – combined with the support of a small university setting where individual student needs are recognized and respected.

The connections forged during a student's tenure at UB often remain with them for a lifetime. In our rich community of scholars, researchers, creators and leaders, we encourage students to seek out or build the network of relationships that will inspire, energize and sustain them, both during their years in the College and for decades afterward.  

Mission Statement

1. To be a leader in research, scholarship and creative activities across the arts and humanities, natural sciences and social sciences
2. To provide excellent programs of undergraduate and graduate education in the liberal arts and sciences
3. To engage the larger community through our scholarly activities

Strategic Initiatives: Changing the World, One Problem at a Time

From performers and technicians to educators and advocates, passionate people form the heart of our creative community. The Arts Collaboratory unites artistic endeavors across UB, Buffalo and beyond.
By emphasizing support of current diversity-focused research and activities, the Center for Diversity Innovation will help transform UB's students, faculty and staff into more empathetic global citizens.
The Sustainable Urban Environments Initiative is poised to engage Buffalo as a living laboratory in an effort to create the sustainable city of the future. The lessons we learn here will change the world.
In a rapidly evolving digital society, the Digital Humanities Initiative represents a pioneering effort to use emerging technologies as instruments of a revolutionary humanities education.
From our language to our methods to our tools, the ways we communicate today are strikingly complex. Through the Strategic Communications Hub, we will come together to talk, teach, explore and grow.
We challenge our students to make a difference through research, study abroad, internships and service programs. These hands-on, real-world activities further their professional development while prepping them to become engaged, proactive citizens.