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Have you heard? The College of Arts and Sciences leads the way in bold inquiry, innovative research and cutting-edge performance and visual arts. Check out some of our recent achievements below.

Part of the College of Arts and Sciences, the new unit prepares students to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time.
UB physicists use model systems to explore the forces that may be at play in this intriguing phenomenon inside human cells.
Robert Scalise has been promoted from acting director and Liz Park will serve as curator of exhibitions.
A special journal issue co-edited by UB psychologist Jennifer Read focuses on how clinical psychologists can contribute their expertise to the crisis.
“Marlene McCarty: Into the Weeds,” a multi-faceted project in which the Brooklyn-based artist uses plants to affirm ways to not only survive but thrive in toxic conditions, is part of the UB Arts Collaboratory’s fall program, titled “Female.”

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