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Our shared community of thinkers and tinkerers is working together on a shared mission here at UB: understanding our world, and making it better.
The findings underscore the need to learn more about how ice sheets behave and shed ice, says College of Arts and Sciences climate researcher and professor Beata Csatho.
UB’s new podcast, “Into the Blue,” will feature research and scholarship from a different faculty member each month. The debut episode highlights a recently published study co-authored by Dejan Stojkovic, professor of physics.
Two College of Arts and Sciences students are heading to their former home country for an experiential learning experience at an isolated mountain school.
Department of Geography professor Marion Werner's study suggests that diet and health are important factors to consider when negotiating trade agreements.
The effort marks the start of a project to track ecological events on campus and share data with scientists studying how nature responds to changing conditions.
College faculty member and Dickinson scholar Cristanne Miller agrees the poet makes a good subject for a TV series.