UB Seen: College Edition

The day-to-day workings of the College have changed in light of the COVID pandemic, but that hasn't stopped us from being more collaborative and engaged than ever before. Explore photographs, slideshows and videos capturing how our activities have shifted to a virtual format during this time.

Department of Art

Sketch of Zoom meeting screen from Professor Joan Linder.

Joan Linder, chair and professor in the Department of Art created a sketch from the Dean’s Coffee Hour Zoom meeting.

Department of Chemistry

Luisa Angeles Thesis Defense

The first virtual PhD defense in the Chemistry department was made by Luisa Angeles via Zoom. 

Luisa Angeles defends her thesis over Zoom screen sharing.

A screenshot shows Luisa Angeles (second user from left) conducting her PhD defense via Zoom as UB faculty members and her parents (sitting together in the far right screen) watch. Image: Diana Aga

Screenshot of Zoom participants giving cheers to Luisa after defending her thesis.

A screenshot shows friends, family, mentors and colleagues toasting Luisa Angeles on Zoom after her successful PhD defense. Image: Diana Aga

Chemistry Trivia Night

Professor Jason Benedict during virtual trivia.

The UB Department of Chemistry hosted a virtual trivia night for all faculty, staff and students in the department. Professor Jason Benedict said the event “is our way of being #TogetherAlone during these trying times.”

Department of Classics

Classics Tea time screenshot.

The Department of Classics held Friday Tea Time Zoom sessions with faculty and graduate students. “It's a way to bring faculty and graduate students together for an hour to close the gaps between us all,” said Bradley Ault, professor and chair of the department. “Like everyone else, we miss seeing our colleagues and students.” The hour serves as a way to socialize, share information, offer reassurances and answer any questions students ask of the faculty.

Center for Hearing and Deafness

Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Professor Gail Seigel in her home lab with microscope and music stand for slides.
Professor Gail Seigel in her music room and home microscope lab.

Gail Seigel, professor in the UB Center for Hearing and Deafness, made her music room in a multiple use space by setting up a microscope and camera to continue her imaging and image analysis work from home instead of her lab. Professor Seigel noted, “The music stand makes a nice slide holder, don't you think?” Image: Gail Seigel

Department of Media Study

Department of Media Study student show poster.

After having to cancel the annual Media Study Show, students as well as film and media interns in UBFilms’ internship program participated in a virtual version of the festival; The DMS Livestream Student Show 2020!

Department of Music

Jazz pianist and director of UB’s jazz ensembles, George Caldwell, performs from home and talks about his past work and life during the pandemic.

Department of Theatre and Dance

Distance Dance Class with Professor Kerry Ring

Professor Kerry Ring dancing at Baird Point.
Professor Kerry Ring hosting virtual dance class at Baird Point.

Kerry Ring, clinical associate professor of theatre and dance, asked the students in "Modern 4," a 300-level dance class she teaches, to get outside, if their local weather permitted this spring. Ring went to Baird Point. Photos: Meredith Forrest Kulwicki

Jill Anderson Reading Children's Books in Character

Jill Anderson reading children's book.

Jill Anderson reads "The Cat in the Hat."

Jill Anderson dressed as Belle, reading book.

Dressed as Belle, Jill Anderson reads "Beauty and the Beast."

Dean's Office

Brian Swartz, director of facilities and space planning, works to help keep the College community safe by coordinating PPE distribution efforts.

Brian Swartz, director of facilities and space planning, works to help keep the College community safe by coordinating PPE distribution efforts.

CAS Commencement

#UBClassof2020 Celebration Gallery

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