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Female student in Lockwood Cybrary.

Where Can You Go, What Can You Do?

There's no single path to success in any field. Now is the time to think about the talents you have, the skills you want to build, and how you'd like to put those talents and skills to use. Discover your unique path today.

Leadership and Service

When you study the world around you, what do you see? Questions that haven't been answered? A plan that can be improved? People who need help, and the ways and means with which to help them? Your ability to identify opportunities for change is extremely valuable. Lead the way! 

Social Justice and Public Policy

You know your future lies in taking a stand for what you believe is important. Whether you want to influence international protocol, advocate for the rights of others, or make a difference in your own hometown, there's more than one way to ensure your voice is heard.

Communications and Global Discourse

Everyone likes to talk, but does anyone listen? The role of a communicator is to help people correctly interpret the message and stay focused on the topic at hand. Your gift for processing, translating and sharing information will set you apart in a variety of in-demand fields. 

Creative and Performing Arts

Have you long been intrigued by the intricate and interwoven relationship between the arts, culture and society? Do you have a passion for creating, building, designing and performing? How about a story to tell or a new way to tell it? Time to find your spotlight!

Science, Technology and the Environment

The world is changing rapidly, and it's no secret that what happens today will affect our planet and the people who live here for decades to come. Do you yearn to be a part of shaping our universal trajectory? Don't wait – the future is already here. 

Cross-Cultural Fluency

The skills to navigate our increasingly diverse and inter-connected society have never been more important. By understanding how the elements of one culture influence another, and contributing to new cross-cultural knowledge, you'll help everyone find a seat at the table. 

Organizations and the Economy

Are you interested in the way our global society is engineered, how intel is shared, how resources are distributed, and the complex relationships required to support, maintain and improve the current infrastructure? It takes more than number-crunching to make the world go 'round. 

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