Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

African and African American Studies BA
American Studies BA | MA | PhD

BA | MA | PhD

Art History

Arts Management MA 
Asian Studies BA
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology BS

Biological Sciences

BA | BS | BA/MS | MA | MS | PhD
Biological Sciences/Dentistry BS/DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)


BA | BS | MA | PhD
Chinese Language BA (Linguistics Concentration)


BA (Concentrations: Classical Civilizations; Ancient Greek Language and Literatures; Ancient Latin Language and Literature; Mediterranean Archaeology; Ancient History) | MA | PhD


BA | MA | PhD
Computational Physics BS | BS/MS

Comparative Literature

Special Major | MA | PhD
Critical Museum Studies MA
Dance BA | BFA | MFA


BA | BA/MA | BA/MS | MA | MS | PhD


BA | MA | PhD
Environmental Geosciences BS
Evolution, Ecology & Behavior  MS | PhD 
Film Studies BA
Fine Arts BFA | MFA
French Language BA | MA | PhD
Geographic Information Science BS | MS


BA (Concentrations: Earth Systems Science; Urban and Regional Analysis) | BA/MA | MA  | MS | PhD

Geological Sciences

BA | BS | BA/MA | MA | MS | PhD
German Language BA
Global Gender and Sexuality Studies BA (Concentrations: Cultures and Identities; Gender and Public Policy; Women and Global Citizenship) | MA | PhD


BA | MA | PhD
Graduate Interdisciplinary MA (Concentrations: Social Media; Disability Studies; Film and Media Study)
International Trade BA | MA
Italian Language BA
Japanese Language BA (Linguistics Concentration)
Jewish Thought BA
Korean Language BA (Linguistics Concentration)


BA (Concentrations: Applied Linguistics; Language, Society, and Communication; Language and Cognition) | MA (Concentrations: General Linguistics; Germanic Linguistics; Sociolinguistics; Contact Linguistics) | PhD
Mathematical Physics BS


BA (Concentrations: Computing and Applied Mathematics; Preparation for Graduate Study in Mathematics; Preparation for Graduate Studies in Applied Mathematics; General Study in Mathematics and Education) | BS (Concentrations: Actuarial Sciences; Preparation for Graduate Study in Mathematics; Preparation for Graduate Studies in Applied Mathematics) | BA/MA | MA | PhD
Mathematics – Economics BA

Media Study

BA (Concentrations: Production; Critical Studies) | MA in Film and Media Study | MFA in Media Arts Production | PhD
Medicinal Chemistry BS | BS/MS | MS | PhD


BA | MA (Concentrations: Composition; Music Theory; Historical Musicology) | MA/PhD in Composition | PhD in Historical Musicology and Music Theory
Music Performance MusB in Performance | MM in Performance 
Music Theatre BFA


BA | MA | PhD


BA | BS | MS | PhD
Polish Studies Special Major

Political Science

BA (Concentrations: Advanced; American Politics and Public Affairs; Comparative; General; International; Public Law) | MA | MA/JD| PhD | PhD/JD


BA| BS | MA | PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience | PhD in Clinical Psychology | PhD in Cognitive Psychology | PhD in Social-Personality Psychology
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary BA (Concentrations: Cognitive Science; Environmental Studies; Health and Human Services; International Studies; Legal Studies; Urban and Public Policy) | BS (Concentrations: Environmental Studies) | MS 


BA | BA/MA in Applied Social Research | MA | PhD
Spanish Language BA | MA | PhD
Special Studies BA | BS
Speech and Hearing Science BA | MA (track in Speech-Language Pathology) | AuD | PhD
Studio Art BA | BFA | MFA


BA | BFA in Theatre Performance | BFA in Theatre Design/Technology | MA in Theatre and Performance | PhD in Theatre and Performance
Visual Studies MA | PhD

For a list of minors, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.