Darren Portis

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Darren Portis

Darren Portis

Assistant Director of Academic Advisement
Senior Academic Advisor


Environmental Science BS (formerly Environmental Geoscience), Environmental Studies BS, Environmental Sustainability, Political Science

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My favorite thing about being an academic advisor is the enthusiasm of first-year students, and when a student finally makes that connection and all the pieces fall into place.

Advice and tips for students:
Be BOLD! Your career, goals, and dreams are not tied to your undergraduate degree and this one moment in time. It is simply another level of your foundation intended for you to build upon with all the adventures that lay ahead of you.

Advice for first-year students:
Be engaged, take ownership of your academic experiences and learn your academic requirements, and most importantly, be patient with yourself. It will take you some time to adjust to what will be a significant shift in how you move as a student in an academic setting. 


  • Reading
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical dramas
  • Historical documentaries
  • True crime documentaries

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