Special Major Program

There are several steps to pursuing a Special Major:

Step 1: Think of a major that will be personally fulfilling, cohesive and academically sound.

Step 2: Define the major.

  • What is its academic purpose?
  • What curricular resources might best support your major?
  • What is the major's goal?
  • Write a draft of your Statement of Intent.

Step 3: Find faculty sponsors.

  • Every special major must be sponsored by two faculty sponsors/mentors.
  • If you need help finding sponsors, consult your academic advisor.

Step 4: Consult with your sponsors and the Special Major advisor.

  • Show them your Statement of Intent and solicit their feedback.
  • Identify coursework that will support your major.

Step 5: Structure the major curriculum, choosing from among:

  • The existing UB course schedule
  • Transfer coursework
  • Internships
  • Independent Study research projects with faculty members
  • Study Abroad

Step 6: Complete the Proposal Application.

  • The proposal must be submitted to the Special Major advisor at least two weeks prior to a committee meeting.

Step 7: Revise the proposal, if necessary, based on feedback from the committee.

  • Work with the Special Major advisor and your faculty mentors.
  • Resubmit the revised proposal.

Step 8: Complete the courses and programs as outlined in your approved proposal.

  • Continue to interact with the Special Major advisor to plan your class schedule each term.
  • If required courses or programs are not available as you are completing your requirements, propose changes to your curriculum in consultation with the Special Majors advisor.

Guidelines and Forms

Special Major Advisor

Jessica Seabury

Honors College

Email: jseabury@buffalo.edu

Last Updated March 2, 2022