UB Curriculum

The UB Curriculum is UB's general education program, which insures that every student's undergradaute education includes a strong liberal arts component.

UB Seminar

The UB Seminar is the entryway to your UB education. Small in size and centered around critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and reflective discussion, you learn from distinguished faculty how to meet and manage the rigorous academic demands of our world-class university.


The building blocks of academic inquiry and lifelong learning. Holistic learning through courses in diversity, writing, math and sciences prepare you for a world in which these skills are the foundation for success, wherever life takes you.


A series of courses interconnected by theme or concept across a wide range of disciplines. Through the Pathways you will develop a deep knowledge base in a chosen topic and learn how different disciplines approach a similar line of study. 

Capstone (UBC 399)

The culmination of your UB Curriculum program. Students create a reflective and integrative Capstone ePortfolio based on your UB Curriculum coursework and lived experiences outside of the classroom.

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