If you have completed 75 or more credit hours, Junior Jumpstart is for you. Junior Jumpstart is designed to help you successfully navigate towards graduation, gain admission to professional or graduate school, find a career, and seek out other opportunities, such as Teach for America or the Peace Corps.

Are you on track to graduate?

Degree Enhancement

Now is the time to enhance your resume! The following opportunities will broaden your educational scope and increase your competitive edge. 

Undergraduate Certificates

Experiential Learning

Workshops and Special Events

Attend special events designed to prepare juniors and seniors for life after graduation.

What comes next?

This is an exciting time, but sometimes excitement and new plans also bring stress. You may have many unanswered questions. First, ask yourself: What's my post-graduate goal? 

Graduate School
A graduate program involves specialized knowledge and concentrated study in one area. It is generally more focused on a specific area of interest and on specialized skills within a field, in order to practice a profession or conduct advanced research.

Professional School
Professional schools are post-graduate academic programs designed to prepare you for specific careers, e.g., medicine, law, etc. Most schools have fairly stringent admission criteria and require that you take entrance exams. Early preparation is essential!

The Career Design Center assists students in the areas of self-assessment, career exploration and job search techniques with the goal of helping you achieve lifelong career satisfaction and success.