Mopelola Ogunbowale

Asri Saraswati.

Mopelola Ogunbowale is a doctoral candidate and adjunct instructor at the Department of Transnational Studies*. Her research interests are in African/Black social and political thought; African/ Black gender and sexuality studies, Black popular music studies and urban ethnography. Ogunbowale’s dissertation titled The Spirit is Music: Osun’s Aesthetic Manifestation in Reggae and Dancehall Music examines the reiterations of Osun, a goddess of West African ancestry in Konto music, a reggae styled music form produced in Ajegunle, an urban ghetto in Lagos, Nigeria. This dissertation derives three aesthetic manifestations of Osun (cyclicity, creative-destruction and (female) power and authority) from oral traditions, sacred texts and secondary documents that manifests as interculturality and resistance in Black popular music forms like Konto. Ogunbowale combines dissertation writing with teaching and conference presentations.

“My experiences at the department has been intellectually enriching and rewarding. I have learnt cutting edge theories and methodologies about the field from faculty that adds theoretical sophistication to my outlook as a budding Africanist.”

- Mopelola Ogunbowale

*The Department of Transnational Studies is now called the Department of Africana and American Studies