Adewale Fadugba

Adewale Fadugba.

Adewale Fadugba received his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English Language at Redeemer's University, Nigeria and a MA (Hons) in English and Applied Linguistics at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. His research focuses on African urbanization, politics in post-colonial Africa, nationalism and ethnicity in Africa, conflict and conflict resolution in Africa.

The Department of Transnational Studies provides the opportunity to use multi-disciplinary perspectives and methodologies in my research. I am not restricted the expertise of the faculty in the department alone or my areas of interest. The ability to do research with the faculty members, whose areas of research has the transnational feel, is very encouraging. My experience with the faculty and staff in the department has been very encouraging. They are always ready to help and point out new things to you. They are equally willing to learn for one’s knowledge. The wealth of expertise in the faculty and staff has helped to create the needed diversity. The international and global outlook in the research interests of the faculty is very encouraging.  - Adewale Fadugba

*The Department of Transnational Studies is now called the Department of Africana and American Studies