Winter 2018

College Matters.


Robin Shulze.

I am pleased to share with you the exclusive online issue of College Matters.

In this issue, you will read about faculty members working to ensure a bright future for our students, the College, and the planet. Jessica Poulin and Lance Rintamaki, our 2017 undergraduate commencement faculty speakers, each have a unique take on prepping savvy scholars. As you will see, they engage and excite students in ways few can match.  Alumnus-turned-teacher Jonathan Shimon brings international acclaim to the College as one of the foremost theatre design technicians in the world. Jason Briner, climate expert, stands at the frontlines in the fight against global warming.  His cutting-edge research is potentially key to foretelling and forestalling dangerous sea-level rise.

These highlights capture only a small fraction of the transformative work happening every day in the College of Arts and Sciences. Our remarkable faculty prepare our students to be nimble in their careers and to adapt in an ever-changing world. As you explore this edition, I know you will be proud of the research, teaching, and innovation happening here. 

Robin G. Schulze 
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences 


Students at the 2017 undergraduate commencement ceremony.

Meet the 2017 faculty commencement speakers

Alia Lesnek in Alaska.

Geology students comb the arctic for clues to climate change

Linguistics map of Cameroon.

Mapping the linguistic topography of Northwest Cameroon

Zodiaque Dance Company dancers.

Alumnus Jonathan Shimon lights the way for lighting up the stage



A chat with acoustic communication expert
Micheal Dent

Brenna Zanghi in Greece.

How an undergrad's trip to Greece helped her understand politics at home

MSN logo.

Catch up on events with these newsworthy faculty

Scholarship and Awards Reception.

Members of our alumni community continue to inspire