Graduation Gurus

Undergraduate morning ceremony.

Students listen closely during the undergraduate morning ceremony, May 21, 2017 (Photo: Doug Levere)

Overwhelmingly voted inaugural faculty speakers for the 2017 College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate commencement ceremonies, Jessica Poulin of the Department of Biological Sciences and Lance Rintamaki of the Department of Communication voice their appreciation and share techniques for prepping undergraduate students to thrive after graduation.

Jessica Poulin.

"As a professor, you don’t always realize how many lives you touch. My students are my constituency, and to receive their approval—at this grassroots level—is jaw-dropping. I think this could be the greatest honor I ever receive.” – Jessica Poulin

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Lance Rintamaki.

"It's one thing to be recognized by peers, but to have students tell you how much they appreciate you is really meaningful to me." – Lance Rintamaki

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ALUMNI ADVICE: Peter J. Kadzik (BA '74, Political Science), an assistant attorney general for legislative affairs under the Obama administration, was the 2017 alumni speaker. He emphasized the importance of meaningful engagement with the political landscape:

"Critical thinking has been at the heart of your education here at the University at Buffalo. Matched with the spirit of participation that permeates this campus, critical thinking is essential to maintaining our vibrant democracy."  – Peter J. Kadzik

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