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Published January 2018

Brenna Zanghi, College Ambassador and junior in the Departments of English and Classics, traveled to Greece as part of a summer study abroad program for a month of island-hopping that included archeological dig sites, tours with a Greek native and impromptu conversations with local Skopelos celebrities.

How has your study abroad experience in Greece influenced your worldview?

Here in the U.S., our population is largely isolated, but I never understood to what extent we are separated from what’s happening in the rest of the world. I always knew I wanted to travel, and Greece calmed my fears about any potential danger. It solidified my feeling that although things are going on, such as labor strikes, it’s okay to be there while it’s happening. It’s good to be there, in the crowd, to see history as it occurs. You can’t separate yourself from it. In Greece, I felt so connected to the rest of the world, and to the past. We went to a cemetery where the oldest people in the world are buried. We ran the original racetrack at Olympia. All around us, people were arguing about politics in the place where politics was born. It was mind-blowing.


Check out more photos from Brenna's study abroad in Greece:

All photos courtesy of Brenna Zanghi

Brenna in Greece.

Brenna in Greece

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