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Eric Fan Feng


Eric Fan Feng


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  • PhD, Tsinghua University, 2016 


Fan Feng, Artist, Assistant Professor, Deputy Chair of Dept. of Painting, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University

Eric Fan Feng is a Ph.D. in art history, Assistant Professor and deputy chair of Department of painting in Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. Dr. Feng was trained as a visual artist, who has exhibited work across China, and in the U.S. and Japan. Dr. Feng’s work is in several public collections and he has produced a number of public art commissions around China. In 2015, he was awarded the “East Asia Fellowship” by ARIAH (The Association of Research Institutes in Art History). He was a visiting fellow at Archive of American Art, Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. and Visiting scholar at American Academy at Rome in 2017.

Prof. Feng is an initiator of an academic exchange residency program between the Department of Art, University at Buffalo, SUNY and The Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, a biennial cross-culture collaborations by MFA and Ph.D. students. He also runs annual academic and teaching exchange between Faculty of Art, Hong Kong Baptist University and The Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University.

The courses he is currently teaching including:“Basic Training of Comprehensive Artistic Language”, “Comprehensive Material Painting”, “Ecological Art”, “Public Art”, ”Space in Art: Methodology and Practice”, “Art and Culture: American Art Study(1492-2001)”,etc.

Selected Publications

  • “8B.C.and the Alternative Art Space in the 1980s East Village New York”New Art, no.10 (November 2017): 104-133
  • “Cataract and Unknown Object: The Ecological Consciousness in Shang Yang’s recent works”New Art, no.06(2018, January): 128-131
  • The Artistic Style of Roman Mosaic in Pre-Christian Era”Journal of Tonghua Normal University, no.01 (2018 January): 34-43
  • “The Human Stink in the Cyber Space: cyclo. and Digital Aesthetics of Media Art”, Zhuangshi, no.11 (2015 November): 56-60
  • "The Construction Principles of the Contemporary Art Data Base”, Archival Management, no.3 (2015 March): 39-41
  • “Garbage and Archaeology: from Benjamin to Foucault’s Archival theory”, Archival Management, no.5 (2015 May): 10-12
  • “The ‘other’ and the Emotions in Modernism Art”, Art and Design, no.12 (2015 December): 121-124
  • “University, Art Education and our Duty”, Journal of Industrial Design, no.9(2019 September): 10-12
  •  “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Papal Images through Out the Art History”, Art Bank, no.10 (2013 October): 56-69


  • “Eastern Asian Fellowship” by ARIAH (Association of Research Institutes of Art History), 
    • Ph.D dissertation “The Mythological Theme Paintings of Cy Twombly”
  • Residencies
    • Smithsonian Society in Washington D.C.
    • American Academy at Rome