Thesis Exhibitions

Thesis exhibitions by The University at Buffalo's second-year MFA in Art graduate students are featured at several distinguished Art Galleries within the City of Buffalo.

A series of public openings and exhibition receptions will take place starting Friday, March 1 until May 4th.


Xiao Yang                      March 1- 13                         Karpeles Manuscript Museum

Martin Chittum              March 1- 13                       Karpeles Manuscript Museum

Joshua Elston                 March 9 – April 4               Big Orbit Project Space


Brian Nacov                   April 1 – April 20                  Sugar City Arts Collaborative

Julia Sutherland              April 5 – May 25                CEPA Underground

Nate Ely                         April 5 – May 31                    CEPA

Annie  Bielski                  April 9 – May 3                    Buffalo Arts Studio


Carlos Llobet                  May 3 – May18                 El Museo Gallery

Valery Amborski              May 4 – 18                        Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center

John Van Houten            May 4 –May 31                  Box Gallery


Thesis Venue Information and Location:

Karpeles Manuscript Museum
The Karpeles Manuscript Library is the world’s largest private collection of original manuscripts and documents. The library was founded in 1983 by California real estate magnates, David and Marsha Karpeles, with the goal of stimulating interest in learning. Buffalo is the only city with two museums.

Location: 220 North Street Buffalo, NY 14201

Big Orbit: A Regional Organization with a National Audience

Since its inception in 1991, Big Orbit Gallery has been an artist-run arts center dedicated to transcultural, multidisciplinary explorations of contemporary art issues, with its primary focus being the promotion of the art and artists of Western New York.

Sugar City
Sugar City is Buffalo’s premiere DIY, volunteer-run, all-ages Arts venue. Sugar City’s goal is to provide an alternative space to share and create art and community projects based on participatory culture and a do-it-together attitude. This organization focuses itself on the exhibition, performance, and creation of art for those who cannot obtain space from traditional sources.

Location: 1239 Niagara St Buffalo, NY 14213

CEPA: Contemporary Photography & Visual Arts center
Located in Buffalo’s historic Market Arcade Complex, CEPA Gallery is a full-service contemporary photography and visual arts center with impact in both the local and national communities. CEPA remains dedicated to photography and the photo-related and electronic arts, and has developed its programs and opportunities to provide working artists, urban youth, and other individuals with the necessary programs and facilities for the production and reception of contemporary art.

Location: 617 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14203

Buffalo Arts Studio
Buffalo Arts Studio is located in the Tri-Main Center in Buffalo. BAS is a not-for-profit arts organization whose mission is to provide affordable studio space and regular public exposure for regional, national, and international artists through exhibitions, and to enrich the community with art classes, mural programs, and public art. Exhibitions, public art projects, and classes help the studio serve as a cultural center

Location: 2495 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214

El Museo
El Museo is a nonprofit, professionally directed visual arts organization dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary work by underserved artists, and cultural programming that engages diverse communities through the arts and humanities. In the 1970s, following the civil rights movement and a renewed emphasis on diversity politics and multiculturalism, cultural organizations proliferated working to represent minority groups and recognize their contributions to our common heritage. It was in this spirit that a group of young Latino artists primarily associated with the University at Buffalo formed the Latino Artists Collective in 1977 to promote Latino/a, Latin American, and Caribbean fine art in the region.

Location: 91 Allen Street Buffalo, NY 14202

Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center
Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center has a mission to continue a legacy of innovation in media arts through access, education, and exhibition. We envision a community that uses electronic media and film to celebrate freedom of expression and diversity of voice. Established in 1985, Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center is the only organization in Western NY to offer education, equipment access, and exhibition programming dedicated to exploring film & digital media arts. Squeaky Wheel’s reputation in the media arts field continues to grow nationally and internationally.  Squeaky Wheel is the only nonprofit in Western NY with an inclusive roster of education, equipment access, and exhibition programming dedicated to film and digital media arts.

Location: 617 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14203

Box Gallery
BOX Gallery is part of Hostel Buffalo-Niagara’s expanding mission to further connect local arts and creative communities to our travelers from all over the world. BOX is a non-commercial, non-traditional gallery that gives an opportunity to artists to challenge their practice and the space itself by transforming and recreating through installation and performance.

Location:  667 Main Street Hostel Buffalo Niagara Buffalo, NY 14203

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