Felipe Shibuya

Felipe Shibuya portrait.

Felipe Shibuya

Felipe Shibuya

MFA Candidate

Fine Art

Artist Statement

In my scientific career as an ecologist, I’ve had the opportunity to work in ornithology exploring the reproductive aspects of neotropical birds and considering the visuality of nature such as the shapes of nests and the colors of feathers. These explorations have led me to new paths, such as working with biology and ecology in art. Being a scientist-artist enables me to explore different forms of life from bacteria to trees, using different methods from microbiological culture to videos. I have prioritized works that use scientific methods as a base and that result in pieces that, in addition to aesthetic considerations, have a biological message I often visualize.

In my most recent project (In)visible I have sought to understand how colors produced by bacteria may be interpreted by us humans, asking–among other questions–what is the message they communicate to us. Using visualization as a way of representing these microorganisms, I try to deconstruct the human archetypes attached to these species. For example, bacteria are seen as agents of contamination but in truth, create a bridge of dialogue between the micro- and the macro-universe. I believe that when we visualize and begin to interpret the messages transmitted by other species even if they are invisible to us, we will be capable of perceiving our role in the complex web of life. And, at least, postpone the ecocide ahead of us.

We are always wondering whether there might be life or intelligence on other planets, way up in the stars … but we never ask ourselves about the infinitely small … maybe it could come from there, from a universe that is even smaller than protons, electrons, quarks…
A Love of UIQ by Félix Guattari. Translated by Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson, 2016.

(in)visible air by Felipe Shibuya.

(in)visible air

 Primary Colors, Primary Organisms by Felipe Shibuya.

 Primary Colors, Primary Organisms

SHIkebana by Felipe Shibuya.