Fall 2020

Special message for students enrolled in a Fall 2020 Graphic Design or Emerging Practices (EPGD) LAB class, or ART 140 Time Based Concepts:

Your instructors are taking great care to ensure that your experience in our classes is meaningful and engaging, as we take steps to protect your health and safety.

All classes within the EP/GD will take place either fully or in-part online. You may see your class listed as in-person, online, hybrid (a mix of in-person and online) or hyflex (a mix of split in-person sessions and online.) You may also see that content will be delivered synchronously (in a live session to the entire class at once) or asynchronously (for you to download and complete on your own time.)

Below are guidelines and expectations for you to get the most out of your online sessions:

Minimum Computer Hardware, Software and Internet Requirements

In order to be successful in your online classes, for both attending sessions and making work, you must have access to a laptop or desktop computer with a functioning webcam and microphone, and minimally configured to run Adobe Creative Cloud software. 

If you will be purchasing a new computer, to maximize compatibility and the level of support we can offer you within the department, we recommend Macintosh computers.

Any Mac capable of running macOS 10.13.6 or later with at least 2GB RAM (8 GB recommended) at least 4 GB or more of available hard-disk space.

For a Windows computer, you will need an Intel or AMD processor with 64-bit support, 2 GHz or faster processor, and at least 2GB RAM (8 GB recommended.) You will need at least 4 GB or more of available hard-disk space.

To participate in online classes with active video, and to upload and download potentially large files, you must have a high speed Internet connection. If you are on campus, your dorms, all buildings, and several outdoor areas (parking lots) will have WiFi. At home, ideally you will have high speed access through a cable or be able to create a hotspot with a smartphone.

To help faculty and staff assess your ability to meet online class computer requirements, please fill out this survey: <https://forms.gle/mC44k59hJZhLsmoK9>.

Etiquette During Online Sessions

Your instructors may use either Zoom or Panopto for online sessions (see your syllabi for specifics.)

  • In order for your attendance and participation to count, you must activate your camera (and use your reaction emojis when appropriate) to let your instructor know you’re on board during sessions. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you engaged. We can further clarify if we see confusion, and be confident when we see that you are receptive. 
  • Find a quiet space, free from distractions. If you’re uncomfortable about folks seeing your room on any given day, please use a virtual background to protect your privacy.
  • Please use headphones or earbuds. You will be able to hear the instructor and your classmates more clearly, echo will be minimized, and others will hear you without distracting noises. Your sound will be muted by default but you can unmute it at any time to ask a question and contribute to the discussion.
  • The chat is great for sharing links, references and/or writing down questions. You can save the chat as a text file for later reference, by clicking on the ellipsis button in the lower right corner of your chat.  
  • Your instructor may use a digital whiteboard or otherwise make annotations on a shared screen. You may save these for later reference.
  • Be prepared if your instructor asks that you share your screen and control of your mouse so they can review or assist with your work. If you are using a Mac, Zoom will ask that you allow for this to happen. Your instructor can help you navigate through those controls.

Lab Fees

No lab fees will be charged for Fall 2020 EPGD Lab classes.

Working On Campus in the EPGD Labs

Graduate students, and students enrolled in a Fall 2020 Graphic Design or Emerging Practices (EPGD) class, or ART 140 Time Based Media may schedule time to use the EPGD Open Labs in CFA 136 or 142.

All lab users must review and comply with the provisions in our "Guidance for Principal Investigators & Support Lab Directors to Complete a Laboratory Operations Plan." (If you are unable to access this document, contact Domenic Licata for an accessible version.)

Join the Conversation

Please join the EPGD Slack workspace to receive timely announcements on programs, events and job postings, and participate in discussion with your peers and instructors.

Contact Dom Licata at any time if you have questions about hardware, software, lab use.