Published April 27, 2020

Cornelia Magazine - Special Covid 19 Issue

Cornelia Magazine Cover.

Cornelia’s mission is to document and archive the exhibitions and artistic output of our region. As the galleries in our region do what is necessary to support public health, we know that the repercussions of not having visitors will be dramatic. We don’t know how funding streams and other structures will be affected, but we think there is one small thing we can do. We’re opening an ongoing, real time, digital COVID-19 issue of Cornelia to share exhibitions we know the public may have difficulty seeing. 

Special Covid 19 Issue

The issue is dedicated to documentation and reviews for any artist or gallery with an exhibition of work effected by COVID-19. We invite you to send us documentation and press releases associated with the exhibition and we will post to the Cornelia website and a new Cornelia Instagram account. Although we are unable to offer compensation, if writers wish to review an exhibition affected by COVID-19, we’ll publish their reviews online in their original form.