The Project Space

The Project Space art gallery.

The Project Space is a gallery open to all students and faculty to explore, test out and showcase new and experimental works. Students are encouraged to sign out the gallery to orchestrate their own shows. 

Shows and Availability


The Project Space is primarily designed to function as an experimental space for short run shows where students organize and hang their own exhibits. Here student's are encouraged to show new works, works in progress and develop an environment that encourages dialog on art practice. Since it's inception students and instructors have mounted installations, staged performances, created soundscapes, shown videos works and put together exhibits of international artists.

The gallery's back wall is 28.5', the side two walls are approximately 21' while the front wall is almost entirely glass. This glass front allows for viewing of works 24/7 without the gallery needing to be open.

Reserving the Gallery

See availibility and show dates above.

The Project Space, is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. While student initiated shows will be given preference, the gallery is open to all students, faculty, adjucts and staff. If you wish a gallery sitter to keep the space open when you are not there you will need to make those arrangements. To inquire about use or reservations please contact the Art Resource Manager.

Rules for Use

Exhibitor(s) responsibilities:

  • installation, bring your own tools and hanging supplies
  • press, flyers, announcements
  • openings: we encourage having an opening however, the gallery does not provide catering, it is your responsibility for those details (no alcohol allowed)
  • clean up and de-installation
    • remove all works
    • patch and paint all holes or dents 
    • sweep and generally clean the space when done

Gallery Provisions

  • pedestals (limited supply) can be provided on request
  • drop cloths, spackle and paint
  • ladders and lighting adjustments on request

NOTE: the Gallery, UB nor the Department of Art are responsible for lost or damaged art


155 Center for the Arts 
University at Buffalo, North Campus 
Buffalo, NY 14260

Floor Plans

Project Space Floor Plans.

129 Center for the Arts

Phone: (716) 645-0557

Art Resource Manager
Department of Art
College of Arts and Sciences