Paul Gollnick


Paul Gollnick.

Paul Gollnick


Paul Gollnick


Professor and Chair,
Fellow, American Academy of Microbiology

Research Interests

Molecular genetics: RNA-protein interactions and prokaryotic gene expression

Contact Information

609 Hochstetter Hall

Buffalo NY, 14260

Phone: (716) 645-4972


  • PhD, Iowa State University, 1986

Courses Taught

Research Summary

RNA-protein interactions are crucially important in many biological processes. My research involves investigating RNA-protein interactions involved in regulating gene expression. The model system we are studying is the tryptophan biosynthetic (trp) operon from Bacillus subtilis and several other related Bacilli.

Selected Publications

  • Ihms, E.C., Kleckner, I.R. Gollnick, P. and Foster M. (2017) Mechanistic models fit to variable temperature calorimetric data provide insights into cooperativity submitted to Biophysical Journal In Press
  • McAdams, N.M., Patterson, A. and Gollnick, P. (2017) Identification of a Residue (Glu60) in TRAP Required for Inducing Efficient Transcription Termination at the trp Attenuator Independent of Binding Tryptophan and RNA Journal of Bacteriology 199, 710-716
  • Hindman, R and Gollnick, P. Nucleoside Triphosphate Phosphohydrolase I (NPH I) functions as a 5’ to 3’ Translocase in Transcription Termination of Vaccinia Early Genes (2016). J. Biol. Chem. 291, 14826-14838.
  • Tate, J., Boldt, R.L., McFadden, B.D., D’Costa, S.M., Lewandowski, N.M., Shatzer, A.N., Gollnick, P. and Condit, R.C. (2016)  Biochemical analysis of the multifunctional vaccinia mRNA capping enzyme encoded by a temperature sensitive virus mutant.  Virology 487, 27-40.
  • Gu, H., Yoshinaria, S., Ghosh, S.R., Gollnick, P., Murakami. K.S. and Ho, K.C. (2016) Structural and Mutational Analysis of Archaeal ATP-dependent RNA ligase Identifies Amino Acid Resides Required for RNA Binding and Catalysis. Nucl. Acids Res. 44, 2337-2347 doi:10.1093/nar/gkw094
  • Sharma, S., Patnaik, S.K., Taggart, R.T., Kannisto, E.D., Enriquez, S.M., Gollnick, P. and Baysal, B.E. (2015) APOBEC3A cytidine deaminase induces RNA editing in monocytes and macrophages. Nature Communs. 6: 6881.  Article
  • Tate, J. and Gollnick, P. (2015) The role of Vaccinia Termination Factor and cis-acting elements in Vaccinia virus early gene transcription termination. Virology. 485 175-188.  Article
  • Eletsky, A., Pulavarti, S.V.S.R.K., Beaumont, V., Gollnick, P. and Szyperski, T. (2015) Solution NMR Experiment for Measurement of N-H Residual Dipolar Couplings in Large Proteins and Supramolecular Complexes. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 137, 11242-11245.  Article
  • Sharma, S. and Gollnick, P. (2014) Modulating TRAP-mediated Transcription Termination During Transcription of the Leader Region of the B. subtilis trp operon. Nucleic Acids Res. 42, 5543-5555.  Article
  • Merlino, N.M. and Gollnick, P. (2014) The Bacillus subtilis TRAP Protein Can Induce Transcription Termination in the Leader Region of the Tryptophan Biosynthetic (trp) Operon Independent of the trp Attenuator RNAPLoS ONE. 9(2): e88097.  Article
  • Ihms, E., Gollnick, P. and Foster, M.P. (2014) Heterocomplexes of Undecameric TRAP with Trimeric Anti-TRAP: A New Gene Regulation Mechanism. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 111, 3442-3447.  Article
  • Kleckner, I.R., McElroy, C.A., Kuzmic, P. Gollnick, P. and Foster, M.P. (2013) Homotropic Cooperativity from the Activation Pathway of the Allosteric Ligand-Responsive Regulatory Protein TRAP. Biochemistry. 52,8855-8865.  Article
  • Bayfield, O. W., Chen, C.-S., Patterson, A.R., Luan, W., Smits, C., Gollnick, P., and Antson, A. A. (2012) Trp RNA-Binding Attenuation Protein: Modifying Symmetry and Stability of a Circular Oligomer. PLoS ONE7(9) e44309.  Article
  • Kleckner, I.R., Gollnick, P. and Foster, M. (2011) Mechanisms of Allosteric Gene Regulation by NMR Quantification of Microsecond- Millisecond Protein Dynamics. J. Mol. Biol. 415, 372-81.  Article
  • Tate, J. and Gollnick, P. (2011) The Role of Forward Translocation in NPH I-mediated Transcription Termination of Vaccinia Early Genes. J. Biol. Chem. 286, 44764–44775.  Article
  • Chen, C.-S., Smits, C., Dodson, G. G., Shevtsov, M. B., Merlino, N., Gollnick, P. Antson, A. A. (2011) How to Change the Oligomeric State of a Circular Protein Assembly: Switch from 11-Subunit to 12-Subunit TRAP Suggests a General Mechanism. PLoS ONE 6(10): e25296 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0025296.  Article
  • Potter, K.D., Merlino, N.M. Jacobs, T. and Gollnick, P. (2011) TRAP Binding to the Bacillus subtilis trpLeader Region RNA Causes Efficient Transcription Termination at a Weak Intrinsic Terminator. Nucl. Acids.Res. 39, 2092-2012.  Article
  • Sachleben JR, McElroy CA, Gollnick, P, Foster MP. (2010) Mechanism for pH-dependent gene regulation by amino-terminus-mediated homooligomerization of Bacillus subtilis anti-trp RNA-binding attenuation protein. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 107, 15385-15390.  Article
  • Shevtsov, M.B., Chen, Y. Isupov, M.N. Leech, A., Gollnick, P. and Antson, A.A. (2010) B.licheniformis Anti- TRAP can assemble into two types of dodecameric particles with the same symmetry but inverted orientation of trimers. J. Structural Biol. 170 127-133.  Article